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Inhouse legal
Our inhouse legal expertise can help drafting documents and engaging with your lawyers.
We are trusted by accountancy and legal firms around the world as the Irish representative for their clients.
Agreed fees
We provide upfront quotations, guaranteed pricing and no fee surprises.
Free consultation
Not sure about the advice you need, we provide the initial consultation free.
Speed of service
Generally our assignments require real-time advice. We guarantee speedy service.
Commercial advice
Our advice is commercial and designed to fit your business requirements.
Local expert
Whether our role is local or global cordinator, we interface with professional firms all over the world to provide integrated tax advice.
Complexity, no problem.
We deal with complex situations all the time.
Meet our creative team
Picture of partner Derek Andrews.
Derek Andrews | Partner

Derek has extensive experience with holding structures, business acquisitions and disposals, onshore and offshore expansion, due diligence and legal contracts, property investment modelling, Revenue investigations, tax appeals and more.
Picture of partner Daphne Andrews
Daphne Andrews | Partner

Daphne's expertise includes intellectual property holding structures, patent / knowledge development box, R&D tax credits, RCT contracts, cash extraction, residence and domicile planning, offshore structures, Revenue interventions and more.
Picture of consultant Michael Gilmartin
Michael Gilmartin | Consultant
Michael specialises in wealth management including will planning, family trusts, tax-free transfers of property, HSE fair deal planning, family disputes, independent professional witness testimony, structures for minor or incapacitated children and more.
Beatrice Jarmalivichute | Associate
Robert Burke | Associate
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